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Saturday, August 07, 2004


A short Patrick Tyler story inside today’s Times reports that a member of the British Council (sort of, it seems, that country’s equivalent of the USIA, but maybe more) has been sacked, as they would say, for writing anti-Muslim commentary for the Blog Queen’s favorite British rag, the Telegraph, under a (not terribly clever) pseudonym.

In one article the author stated, “All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics.” Another commentary asserted, “It is the black heart of Islam, not its black face, to which millions object.”

Should have taken it to Little Green Footballs.

Meantime, we get some reports on more religious hatred in France. No, it’s not what you think:
In Strasbourg, France, on Friday, the police discovered that vandals had painted swastikas on 15 Muslim graves in a military cemetery. President Jacques Chirac interrupted his vacation to condemn the incident, but local Muslim leaders said the government was not doing enough to confront the religious polarization and hatred that has also led to attacks on Jewish and Christian properties in the region.
Hmm, seems like this may be more complicated than the warbloggers would have you believe ...

posted by Sully 8/07/2004 12:00:00 PM


A couple of days ago Quiddity Quack registered his shock that Sullivan would not bother to even come out and say something about Missouri’s defeat of gay marriage at the polls.

While he’s right on the surface of things, we think Sullivan would actually say this is a good thing inasmuch as it bolsters the federalism argument he made. Missouri, home of John Ashcroft and John Danforth and as conservative as that suggests once you get out of the KC and St. Louis areas, was a long shot to even come close to not banning gay marriage. And no one is suing to overturn it and have it declared unconstitutional, as the Religious Right direly predicts, thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Speaking of which, some rightwingers have been trying to make liberals look like hypocrites for opposing DOMA when it was passed (and condemning Clinton for signing it), yet supporting it now.

Well, again on the face of it they seem to have a point. But it is they who are getting bitten in the ass by the law of unintended consequences this time around.

Liberals should make clear that the opposition many of us had to DOMA when it was first passed, when it looked like Hawaiian courts might legalize gay marriage, was out of fear it would be used not only to allow states to deny the full faith and credit provisions to gay marriage but to prevent any state from recongizing gay marriage if its residents decided that was what they wanted to (and as the FMA is (Sully’s right here) clearly intended to).

Before DOMA it was a strong possibility that one state’s legalization of gay marriage would open the door for a nationwide recognition of such via a Supreme Court case on full faith and credit. Afterwards the religious right breathed a sigh of relief ... but only now are they realizing that, by affirming federalism the way they did, they made it more rather than less likely that more liberal states would make the step they did, as judges and politicians can now be certain they will only be responsible to the people of, say, Vermont or Massachusetts rather than the whole country.

And, likewise, Missouri’s vote will have no effect on Massachusetts.

posted by Sully 8/07/2004 11:38:00 AM

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Apropos of this meme we would direct your attention to
this article in the July/August issue of The Atlantic:

Brabender then played “Ski Patrol,” which was created with the Bush campaign in mind but never had a chance to air. It begins with a shot of blue sky and pristine alps. “Howard Dean was granted a deferment from the military after showing up at a recruitment office with an x-ray indicating he had a bad back,” the voice-of-God narrator says. Suddenly a skier shoots off a snowy precipice and slaloms expertly down the mountain. “That very same year, Dean went on to ski eighty times — eighty — helping him to become an expert skier and the perfect commander in chief ... if we ever go to war against Switzerland.”

If there was one like this that they had stashed away, you know there had to be others other consultants had put together to sell to the campaign. And you know they had to know that bringing up Dean’s lack of military experience (as well as the very subtle suggestion that his back problem was dubious) was going to be in the playbook. (Smooth move, though, paying a backhanded compliment to Dean’s skiing skills).

So let’s not hear anything from the Republicans about how combat experience has nothing to do with fitness for the presidency. They had no hesitations about waving the bloody shirt in 1996 when the country was at peace (and when Democrats tactfully, and tactically, avoided picking nits with Dole’s war record). And as the above made clear, they were fully planning to do it this year until John Kerry refused to cooperate in 1969 (One does expect better of a fellow Bonesman).

UPDATE: Attaturk, over at Rising Hegemon, links and comments on this post.

UPDATE 8/12: Atrios throws us over to Digby who reminds us that there were real questions about George H.W. Bush’s war record, too.

posted by Sully 8/05/2004 12:48:00 AM

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


George Cerny quotes Paul Fussell as to how it made a difference to him that Harry Truman had combat experience.

posted by Sully 8/03/2004 10:59:00 AM

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Even we didn’t expect that, after having raised “enough to stay on air till past the election,” Sullivan wouldn’t even wait for the weekend to be over or even a few days into August before taking his customary break.

And right after raising money from his readers! One wonders how many charges will suddenly be disputed.

Even we didn’t expect this level of arrogance.

And then he promises to be gone for 30 days, during which time one can imagine he will be busy writing those books he’s always talking about but somehow never does, in order to justify the untold thousands he and Fantascope’s hosting service were just lavished with (Looks like someone’s kids are gonna know it’s Christmas this year ...).

And then ... he’ll be blogging the Republican convention from ... Los Angeles! Four years and a party off, pal! Apparently Provincetown was too close to Boston for the required critical distance.

One wonders, too, if he has some reason he’d like to share with Homeland Security (to say nothing of the rest of us) for putting a continent between himself and the festivities.

Just think of what he could offer us from New York — live coverage of the outing of heartland FMA advocates along Eleventh Avenue ... oh wait, maybe that’s why he’s going out to LA.

And this isn’t enough! He actually thanks everyone who fell for his pitch this time.

And what the hell is it with being able to go through the elections this time? With a hell of a lot less money, and a hell of a lot less beach houses, we’ve been able to keep going this long. Is he like some lawyer, valuing his time by the hour?

Pledge week here will continue until Tuesday. If you haven’t contributed yet (or even if you have) and you’d like to flip a/nother bird in Sullivan’s direction for this, you know where to click.

UPDATE: WareMouse seconds this post.

posted by Sully 8/01/2004 11:27:00 PM


You’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago we vigorously defended Josh Marshall against the accusations of Hoyt and Gregory Djerejian, linked (of course) by Sullivan, that he was engaging in a sort of vaporware tease when he insisted, as he long as, that he has and has been on to good evidence that there was no credible information suggesting that Saddam Hussein tried to acquire uranium from Niger other than the documents behind the 16 words to that effect in Bush’s 2003 State of the Union speech, documents now known to have been forged.

Well, at long last Josh has given us a précis of his case, involving Italian military intelligence and a somewhat complicated triangle of sources that all added up to a classic disinformation operation. Not only is this crying out to be diagrammed by Quiddity Quack (at least when the full article comes out), conspiracy theorists may be interested in exploring any possible connections to Opus Dei and/or the P2 Masonic Lodge.

posted by Sully 8/01/2004 11:25:00 AM

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