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Saturday, September 04, 2004


The Cheney family’s closeting of Mary (and her partner Heather Poe, who was also in the building but was carefully kept out of range of CNN’s cameras when they spied Mary) is even worse when you consider that just the day before, Alan Keyes had taken the opportunity to denounce her as a “selfish hedonist” by definition.

What kind of father is Dick Cheney? What kind of man?

Consider also the results of George and Laura’s parenting on display the same night. If these men are the standard bearers for patriarchy, they have done more damage to it this week than all the gay marriages in Massachusetts possibly could have.

posted by Sully 9/04/2004 09:10:00 AM


Reaction on the right to Sullivan’s announcement that he will not support Bush for another term due to the FMA has been surprisingly cool ... most of them, after all, saw this coming.

But Royce Dunbar’s (and doesn’t his blog look a little familiar?) stands out. He says Sullivan misunderestimates his president:
Oh well... that’s the beauty of living in this country, Andrew. There are “rough men” who will defend you. Although he’s not a soldier, George W. Bush is one of those men. He may not support gay marriage, but I’ll bet that he would step in if you were being pounded by a bunch of gay-bashing cretins.
And then he sees deeper implications for the Republican ticket:
What disturbs me about Andrew Sullivan most is that he may be a bellwether for the majority in this country. September 11th got their attention ... for a while. But hey, things are okay now.
Ironic, isn’t it, that someone is accusing Sullivan of not adequately recognizing the significance of 9/11?

posted by Sully 9/04/2004 08:58:00 AM

Friday, September 03, 2004


Off-topic slightly, but Miss Tiffanee Hokel (yes, that is apparently how she chooses to spell it) of Webster City, Iowa, a page, drew upon her 17 years on this earth to declaim this spellbinding revelation concerning the Iraq war:
We don’t have to be there physically to fight it.

Amazing. A-Fucking-mazing. In one sentence, this dumb cluck manages to make the Bush twins seem like, well, like they actually did go to Texas and Yale.

This is why the Republicans must lose in November. Remember this, if nothing else, when you go into the booth. Other liberal blogs have also taken note, but this deserves far more play than it’s gotten.

It may seem unfair to hold the entire party hostage to the statements of an ill-informed teenybopper, but we think that it just says so much. This is the same group of people who think Michael Moore is demoralizing the troops? That think we’re sowing class hatred by pointing to this sort of thing?

Put it on billboards. Posters. Flyers. Anything you can think of.

And send it to people you know who might actually physically be there in Iraq. Or Afghanistan for that matter.

There are two Hokels in the phone book for Webster City, ZIP code 50595. We couldn’t figure out which one was her family and we didn’t want to jeopardize our anonymity to do so. Someone call this bint up and yell some sense into her, for God’s sake. Or tell her parents to walk her down to the local VFW Hall or whatever and tell those guys that they didn’t have to be there to fight.

If she doesn’t take her discus-thrower’s foot out of her mouth pronto, she can kiss any political career she’s hoping to start bye-bye.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 11:27:00 PM


Jo Fish reminds Sullivan of just how long ago it wasn’t that he himself was barely a notch above those L-dotters.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 11:24:00 PM


It just struck us, reading Sullivan’s exploration of Miller’s colorful and dark past as a segregationist, just what truly repels him about the man known unfondly as Zig Zag Zell in Georgia political circles.

In short, the old “P” word: projection.

It’s not hard to see, especially for Sullivan, a similarity to his journey even if it takes place over a much shorter timeframe and in opposing directions: from “Bush reveals his poisonous colours” (see blogroll) to the combination of virtual canonization and puppy-love he offered in the interim between 9/11 and late last year, back to the disaffected, jilted lover he is now.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 04:25:00 PM


P O’Neill checks in on Sullivan’s return, doing a number on his post about the kidnapping of the French journalists and Sullivan’s curiously welcoming attitude:
In Sully’s War on Terror, the body count rises faster than in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Let's hope Rise of the Machines is not his benchmark.

Our thought, too, but we couldn’t figure out quite how to say it. Thanks. (Link in original)

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 01:49:00 PM


P O’Neill has an excellent analysis of Sullivan’s interpretation of the foreign-policy portion of Bush’s speech as simultaneously Bismarckian and Wilsonian:
Bear in mind that this comes in the context of Sully’s general admiration for Dubya, with a rupture only occurring over Dubya’s support for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. All the other stuff, it seems, could be overlooked. But look at Bismarck’s biography, and see the militarism, the cultivation of expansionist nationalism and German exceptionalism, and of course think what it had turned into two generations later — this is what one of Dubya’s defenders thinks of him.
A very good point to make, especially given Käpitan von Behrbach’s own recent melodramatic hand-wringings over the long-term implications of all this political polarization. Links (including to our own post below) and emphasis in original.*See the Lee Siegel bits from Harper’s on the blogroll.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 01:42:00 PM


We really have nothing more to say about Sully’s reaction to Bush’s speech, even to his dropping the long-anticipated bomb by refusing to endorse Bush over the FMA, other than what we just said.

We try hard to be amused, but it’s almost disgusting to read the Blog Queen make this complaint:
When your convention pushes so many different messages, and is united with screaming chants of “U.S.A.,” and built around what was becoming almost a cult of the Great Leader, skeptical conservatives have reason to raise an eyebrow or two.

when, again, few people worked harder than he did in the months between 9/11 and 3/19 to glorify and venerate Bush as the object of eaxctly this sort of cult of personality.

If conservatives want to complain about Bush-hatred, in fact, they should look no further than this personality cult. We became Bush-haters after 9/11, not before, precisely because all the people and pundits we knew who had so exercised themselves loathing Clinton suddenly threw themselves into wide-eyed, uncritical adoration, making their fundamental dishonesty clear as nothing else could have. Hate Clinton if you must — the man definitely had his faults — but then don’t turn around and pretend that Bush, a man who has some of the same failings and others, was his exact opposite. Or don’t expect us to believe you.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 01:33:00 PM


P O’Neill has an excellent analysis of Sullivan’s interpretation of the foreign-policy portion of Bush’s speech as simultaneously Bismarckian and Wilsonian:
Bear in mind that this comes in the context of Sully’s general admiration for Dubya, with a rupture only occurring over Dubya’s support for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. All the other stuff, it seems, could be overlooked. But look at Bismarck’s biography, and see the militarism, the cultivation of expansionist nationalism and German exceptionalism, and of course think what it had turned into two generations later — this is what one of Dubya’s defenders thinks of him.

A very good point to make, especially given Käpitan von Behrbach’s own recent melodramatic hand-wringings over the long-term implications of all this political polarization. Links (including to our own post below) and emphasis in original.

*See the Lee Siegel bits from Harper’s on the blogroll.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 01:28:00 PM


Brad DeLong cannot resist pointing out that Sullivan’s response to Miller sounded like none other than one of his onetime favorite bêtes noires:
Shriller than Paul Krugman ever was, or ever could be

By comparison, here’s today’s post-con Krugster offering.

posted by Sully 9/03/2004 01:10:00 PM

Thursday, September 02, 2004


As much as Sullivan’s response to Miller’s speech (which we, thankfully it seems, missed — in fact, we haven’t been watching the convention at all for a variety of reasons) has drawn him some praise in other quarters we frequent, let us not forget this one most pertinent fact: It was he, Andrew Sullivan, who helped plant this seed almost three years ago.

Who the hell is he to condemn Miller when this is still on his website?
The decadent Left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead — and may well mount what amounts to a fifth column.

The next part, by the way, deserves to be requoted now just as a reminder of how laughably off-track Sullivan was in his predictions and reading of the moment:

But by striking at the heart of New York City, the terrorists ensured that at least one deep segment of the country ill-disposed toward a new president is now the most passionate in his defense. Anyone who has ever tried to get one over on a New Yorker knows what I mean. The demons who started this have no idea about the kind of people they have taken on.

Let’s hear a big Duff Man “Oh, yeaaaaaaahhhhh! for that. He was right alright, but hardly in the way he thought.

And, sampled from a random week shortly after 9/11 in his archives, we found these gems perfectly at home with Miller’s “gob-smackingly vile” rhetoric.
PAYBACK TIME: It looks like terrorist-appeaser Barbara Lee is going to be challenged for re-election. Too bad her opponent is almost as squishy, but, hey, it’s Oakland. The most important thing is that there is a challenge from the left that will likely focus on Lee's refusal to counter terrorism with anything more robust than a peace-rally.

As if anyone believed Peter Jennings would allow something obscene like love of country to infect his broadcast

It’s a pretty good rule these days that the comments of anyone writing from the faculty of a leading American university about this event will be constrained from telling it like it is. American academia is currently in thrall to post-modern, post-colonialist nihilism in which any moral judgment — except knee-jerk demonization of Caucasians — is verboten ... I think this article is a classic in seeing how many of our current academics, parroting leftist dogmas to themselves and their poor, bewildered students for so long, have nothing much to tell us at a moment like this. In fact, their long endorsement of moral nihilism paved the way for the decadence and irrelevance we now see endemic on the far left.

“If you only knew the power ... Strike your father down, young Skywalker, and take his place at my side!!” Or something like that. (For how the right feels about Sullivan now, click here. For the Shorter 2004 Republican Convention, go here. For the administration’s response to Joseph Wilson, click this. For the administration to the Pentagon, go here. For the Republican Party described in a single sentence, here. For a short conversation between George Bush and Osama bin Laden, here. OK, enough already, UPDATE: But see Steve Gilliard’s cutline for this picture of Miller).

All kidding aside, Sullivan has no right, no right whatsoever, to chastise Zell Miller for impugning the patriotism of the Democratic Party or even to register outrage at it. Not when he purveyed similarly fascistic material himself in times when he still thought Powell and Rumsfeld were the right guys to help Bush out.

posted by Sully 9/02/2004 11:50:00 AM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Sebastian, after some comings and goings of his own, comes out so you better get this party started with this observation on how Sullivan manages to flatter himself even by feeling sorry for himself:

Did Sully just compare himself to the Pope and Jesus? Jesus Christ. Trouvez l’intrus, as French people might say:

A. Jesus

B. The Pope

C. Andrew Sullivan

And thanks for picking up the professional liars Google bomb. Keep it going! Keep it going!

Meanwhile, Jo Fish plays Polonius to Sullivan’s Hamlet. Or would that be Laertes?
The Bard of the Beach tries real hard to sort of not make the case for not voting for Preznit Dimmer N. Dimmer, and has a few back-handed compliments for Kerry ... (although I’m not sure that “characterological” is even a word) ... like all other Sully Sillys, it’s a context thing I guess. I’m guessing that he’s having something akin to the pain he had when he left momma and cut the apron strings ... there’s that great empty void, and as he looks at it he sees Gary Bauer’s face on a dog staring back at him. Ah, the party of Santorum, think they’ll miss him?

But he’ll sure miss them, that we can count on reading about.

posted by Sully 9/01/2004 08:29:00 PM


Did you really think Sullivan could come back from break without Jo Fish not taking note?

UPDATE: Steve Brady shares a question he has for Sullivan re the Swift Vets’ leader. Not that it was answered, or will be.

BTW, this gives us an idea. How come no one has started a Googlebombing project on the Swifties?

We propose the following phrase be used: professional liars. Feel free to copy and link until “I feel lucky” on that phrase takes you to their site.

posted by Sully 9/01/2004 04:28:00 AM


We suppose that gray abstraction next to “The Daily Dish” is an elephant, but if it weren’t the Republican convention we’d wonder if someone scanned a piece of clay they happened to find on the floor.

posted by Sully 9/01/2004 04:23:00 AM

And the constant personal abuse (in my case, larded with constant homophobic slurs) gets to you after a while. I’m used to it. But it does have an effect.

Hmm. Is this his way of talking about us?

Anyway, the idea that Stephen Den Beste can be gotten to through constant critical email to the point of giving up blogging altogether does tend to give us hope for the blogosphere (Hint: Blogging’s a lot easier when your posts aren’t limited to long essays).

posted by Sully 9/01/2004 04:16:00 AM

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


We sort of predicted something like this would happen during the convention; our money, however, was on some squeaky-clean fundamentalist delegate from East Grain Elevator somewhere getting caught at some Chelsea night spot.

Anyway, it was interesting to see how Sullivan reacted to this story, seeing as it’s an all too familiar scenario for him.

As you might guess, he left out that Shrock was outed because he had impertinently left phone personals online; tapes existed and were on the verge of making the media. As you might not guess, he passed up an opportunity to toot the collective horn of blogdom (as the Daily Kos did not) since this was a blog that did the honors, not just a “website.”

posted by Sully 8/31/2004 12:57:00 AM


John, in addition to taking note of Sully’s curious solicitude re the Swift Boat Smear, takes a hard look at the Log Cabins and their slow realization that, hey, Bush hates us in words that could apply equally to Sullivan:

Then there’s David Catania (who’s a kick-ass DC city councilor who seems to lose his mind on this issue): “Catania, who raised nearly $80,000 for Bush’s reelection and was touted by the campaign as one of its top under-40 fundraisers, said he could not reconcile his personal beliefs with the party’s position against gay marriage. A Republican since he was 16, Catania stopped raising money for Bush in February, when the president announced his support for the amendment.” With all due respect to David (who is a good guy), it took you till February 2004 to figure out that Bush and the GOP were a bunch of homophobes? What are you, stupid?

(Emphasis in original)

posted by Sully 8/31/2004 12:47:00 AM

McCain also avoided harsh partisan name-calling

Maybe in Kerry’s direction. But thanks to the live blogging of the speeches over at TAPped we read that he called Michael Moore a “disingenuous filmmaker,” giving Moore (who is incidentally accredited and covering the event) street cred that no liberal not running for office has had from Republicans in a long time (as even Smalltown Boy has to admit).

posted by Sully 8/31/2004 12:31:00 AM

Monday, August 30, 2004


As fun as it is watching him play catchup on cold stories (notice the obvious glee he takes in putting the boot in, as he would say, to Deal Hudson (he won’t even use his name!)), he misses an even better dimension of the Sheri Dew story that Atrios (from whom he obviously lifted the story) has: the shameful performance of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints itself in Hitler’s Germany.

posted by Sully 8/30/2004 02:33:00 PM


We had taken him at his word that he would return today, and thus totally missed his gaseous rhapsody to Provincetown in late summer Saturday, the sort of thing he puts under “Poseur Alert” when other people do it, the sort of thing that really needs an editor’s attention.

Anyhow, it sounded like something else, and after a little searching we found it. Silverstein does it better, don’t you think?

There’s also a dash of this, too (We’ve always wondered, in fact, if these are two fanciful ways of describing the same place, the same idea. Note some similar imagery).

posted by Sully 8/30/2004 02:23:00 PM

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