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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


By our count, this must be the third or fourth time he’s scored Lee Siegel with one of his Poseur Alerts without at least admitting that he’s still sore over what Siegel did to him two and a half years ago in Harper’s (see blogroll).

posted by Sully 3/30/2005 09:47:00 PM


It takes him three days to notice something in the Sunday Times? And only because someone else (a friend perhaps?) puts in her column in Slate?

By now most people’s Sunday Timeses, at least that we know, are safely in the recycling pile.

posted by Sully 3/30/2005 09:44:00 PM


Sullivan’s links are underlined when you view them in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer.

And before you say this is a browser issue, we don’t have this problem with our blog nor anyone else’s.

We’d say that for all that pledge money, he could have hired some professional web designers.

posted by Sully 3/30/2005 09:42:00 PM

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


We had this really great post worked out about the truth about Gay Patriot being silenced, but we tried three times in the last 24 hours to put it up and then basically Blogger just ate it.

In the meantime, though, John Whiteside has said everything we want to say. Even down to the drama-queen remark. It’s good to have friends. (We would add that Grantham has tried to make another right-wing gay blogger who compounded the offense by reposting the original along with an Old West-style “WANTED” poster he’d Photoshopped a martyr after his ISP pulled the blog down).

Well, almost everything. We had added that we found it really telling that Gay Patriot refused a reasonable offer to retract a post with what we found to be incendiary language that could have possibly led to violence and simply say, OK, I got a little hot there and instead pulled a Cartman, as in “SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME!”

CTTOI, just what was Gay Patriot thinking when he never imagined something he did on the Internet could come back to bite him in the ass at work? Has he never heard of Peter Chung or Claire Swire?

posted by Sully 3/29/2005 09:20:00 PM

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Sullivan wasn't always so gentle to Sontag, particularly right after her 9/11 column:
Mercifully, no professor ever forced me to read Susan Sontag and the only things I had really read were "Illness As Metaphor," which I read when I got HIV and found completely useless, and "Notes on Camp," a slight attempt to posture as someone who's hip enough to understand gay subculture. (To be fair, she made several good points.)

Funny that he didn't make the point there he made later -- that he knew quite well that she was more than just hip enough to understand gay subculture, she was gay enough.

Also, just above that post there's one of his valentines to Orwell (where have those been of late? Hmm) which ends with the quote:
These people live almost entirely in a masturbation fantasy, conditioned by the fact that nothing they say or do will ever influence events, not even the turning out of a single shell.

So just who is it living in a masturbation fantasy now, Sullivan?

posted by Sully 3/27/2005 10:57:00 PM


We thought we had solved the mystery when we went to Sullivan's "Tipping Point" page, his non-pledge week way of filling his coffers (with a green background, unsurprisingly).

We thought we'd see if Fantascope was still listed as it once was, as the place to snailmail checks to. While it's still there as "a production of Fantascope Inc." (OK, so maybe it's this equally inactive entity. OK, it is the one).

Leaving that interesting research possibility aside for the moment, we find that the address and check-sending info have changed to:

8210 W 4th Street

Los Angeles CA 90048

Please make checks payable to asdotcom LLC.

So, we trooped off to the California Secretary of State's website to look up both and asdotcom LLC and share the results with you.

Except there aren't any. Nothing under LLCs for either name (and given that one is specified as to who the check should be made payable to, that's pretty interesting. Yes, we typed it in exactly as it was there, and nothing).

Was the data base broken or closed on Easter night? Nope, we got this company that should probably turn up in California if any company does as a test.

Here's the neighborhood. We don't know LA very well but it seems a) pretty swanky and b) sort of a residential location (Any help from anyone out there would be appreciated).

Oh, it is a residential location, as this cached listing seems to indicate (Just what the hell kind of three-bedroom that close to Beverly Hills lists for just $2,900? We can't see the pictures anymore ... is it some sort of fixer-upper (Sounds like it just was fixed up)? Or is it just a typo or are we missing something?)

According to the LA County Assessor's Office, there is a 4,044-square foot house dating to the early 1940s on the property, which is valued at $133,448. The back half of a nearly $3,500 property tax bill is due in a couple of weeks.

We could not find any evidence of a recent sale, which suggests that the listing failed to attract a buyer.

(To replicate all this yourself, the Assessor's ID Number (AIN) for the property is 5511-042-034. Go here, click Accept and you're on your merry way).

We couldn't get a name out of several different reverse lookup attempts, so we presume whoever lives there keeps an unlisted phone.

posted by Sully 3/27/2005 10:44:00 PM


One of the lovely things about the Internet is that most states let you search their corporate-filings archives online.

So, shortly after Thursday's post on the subject, we searched Massachusetts's. Plenty of Andrew Sullivans, but none on Commercial Street in Provincetown (is that address ever so fitting!) and then we realized that he probably wouldn't have incorporated there as he didn't expect to spend so much time up there when he started the blog.

So, what about Washington? Well, one gets the feeling from the DC government's website that maybe, as the District is not a state, it can't charter corporations (we found no listing there even remotely close) and searching Maryland's data base turned up nothing. Can someone help us out with this?

He could, we wondered, have meant Fantascope, the company that supposedly hosts his site.

But according to New York's data base, that entity is no longer active. Could that be what he's referring to?

Unlikely, we think. Sully didn't start blogging until late 2000 or so; Fantascope Entertainment (not an LLC, for that matter) had already been in existence for three years. Rather ahead of the game.

And then it expired after the usual five years, which makes one wonder who's been hosting his site for the last two years or so (Maybe he's copping to something with his laments about bandwidth costs).

Just who is Alexander Kopit, the man behind Fantascope? This guy? That an undistinguished film editor would start a putative entertainment venture and chiefly be known for hosting Andrew Sullivan's website doesn't surprise, but what's his personal connection?

posted by Sully 3/27/2005 10:23:00 PM


Of course, the reason Sullivan can say "what's left of the left" and actually mean it is clear in his next post when he refers to the late Susan Sontag as "the favorite intellectual of the American left" completely without irony.

This might be true for people over, oh, 50 or so. But by the time most of today's leading left-wing bloggers were in college (like us, during the Reagan-Bush I years), Sontag was more of a punchline on an early Simpsons episode (or, for those of you who remember it, in The Decline of the American Empire (Seb, you know that means you!)) We certainly don't recall reading anything she wrote, either in class or out, nor were we big on Chomsky then, either, for that matter.

In short, there are a lot of nice things you can probably say about her, and people did a few months ago. But she was yesterday's It Girl long before her passing.

This just shows how conservatives come to be so out of it with regards to the American left, why they let a phenomenon like Kos sneak up on them -- they really and truly live in the past, long after the real left has moved on (of course, this could also be a carefully calculated strategy to force the left to rally behind such dated figures) and remain fixated on whatever intellectual it was they got sick of hearing about during the early 1970s. Even those born around that time.

Imagine, for comparison's sake, the mirth that would result if we described, say, Russell Kirk as "the right's favorite intellectual" when real conservatives know that he has long since been superseded by the likes of, say, Sean Hannity.

posted by Sully 3/27/2005 10:06:00 PM


We were actually too busy to respond, what with the holiday and all, but we could just as easily have been speechless at the stubborn persistence of Sullivan's belief, expressed once again in his latest roundup of emails, that "the right is far more intellectually alive than what's left of the left." Leaving aside that the Dean candidacy and the success of Fahrenheit 9/11 would suggest that "what's left of the left" is unsupported snark, just what are Sullivan and his (as usual) unnamed correspondent smoking? What planet are they on when he (we assume) says and Sullivan essentially assents that "conservatives in America can claim to be more accepting of diversity of opinions on each of these topics. Hell, even gay marriage. "

Is this the same Sullivan who outraged tons of conservative bloggers last year with his constant posts criticizing Bush for not seeing the light on, yes, gay marriage? The same Sullivan who recently admitted that, as he started criticizing Bush more and more, his pledge drives became less and less lucrative (see Drezner link below)?

And just what monolithic left is he talking about? Diversity of opinion on abortion? Arlen Specter gets re-elected, gets the Judiciary Committee chair he's been pining for his whole life, practically, then says Bush better not force any anti-Roe appointments through him because he's pro-choice? The right's response, as you will recall, was to try and force him out.

Meanwhile, at the same time, anti-abortion Harry Reid gets re-elected ... and becomes Senate minority leader with no huge Internet and talk radio campaign being mounted. You tell us who's more accepting of diversity of opinion there.

Or, is it possible, just possible, that for the first time conservatives are tacitly admitting they secretly agree with the left on more issues than they're willing to admit and just take the opposite stand because it gets votes/sells books?

posted by Sully 3/27/2005 09:33:00 PM

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