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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Sure would have been nice when Assfire was still there, no?

posted by Sully 9/17/2005 04:22:00 PM


It’s been a long time since one of Sullivan’s posts made us laugh in a way Smalltown Boy didn’t intend, but his passionate defense of his passing remark about Hugh Hewitt did. Nothing like our Andrew when someone on his ostensible own side makes light of his declining readership.

He might as well have just written, “My dick is bigger.”

See, what this is really about isn’t Hugh, but the trio at Powerline, for whom the onetime Blog Queen can scarcely conceal his distaste (in the manner of Limbaugh fans who think little of Hannity, as Rush himself reportedly does). Whatever he says, he has pissed off quite a few conservatives, as the results of his pledge drives showed; and the Minnesota boys picked them up, because they knew unlike him that his readership from The Base didn’t read him because he was intelligent and witty but because he rabidly defended Bush.

posted by Sully 9/17/2005 04:10:00 PM


As P O’Neill says, Sullivan is worth blogging less and less these days because of his general drift away from Bush, except when some of his old self resurfaces.

We see that in his sole reason for Democrats being worse than Bush from a fiscal-conservatism standpoint is that Harry Reid called for a Marshall Plan for reconstructing the Gulf Coast.

Huh? What’s the problem with that? Notice he doesn’t link to anything. The only mention of a Marshall Plan we found on Reid’s website is this four-year-old speech.

Seems this is what supports the imputation.
We didn’t leave Europe in ruin after World War II. We didn’t leave San Francisco in rubble in 1989, and we shouldn’t tell the people of the Gulf Coast that Katrina is their mess and they need to clean it up.
Reid gives no dollar amount (nor should he; right now it’s not his job). Just what is so much worse about what he said versus what Bush said?
We will rebuild the Gulf Coast … And billions of dollars – billions of taxpayer dollars – will be spent in the process. We Democrats want to be certain that money goes to help the victims, not to enrich the contractors. And we want to make sure that the well-connected get treated no better than the carpenters, plumbers and electricians who do the work. The President has stripped away protections for these workers, but we know America can do better.
First, the apparent underlying assumption is that the Marshall Plan, or something like it, is inherently a bad thing. Considering that it is seen as crucial to elping get Western Europe back on its feet after the devastation of the war and by extension making it more resistant to Soviet domination, we’d be interested to hear Sullivan elaborate on this some.

Second, once you “reid” the actual speech (ha ha ... we are just so cute today!), you wonder what Sullivan finds so objectionable. Perhaps it’s the idea that federal money will have to be spent.

But how could it be any other way? There are doubtless federal assets in the region that would require serious outlays to repair in any event. Does Sullivan really want to come right out and say that he believes the states alone should pick up the tab? It would be nice if they could, but this is a job that the federal government was created to do in the first place. This requires a war effort, basically. The states don’t have the power or resources to make war, so they can’t make a war effort.

Face it Sullivan, Katrina has meant the clock on the field for not only modern neoconservatism, but libertarianism as well.

ADDENDUM: And just who is a guy who “forgot” to pay taxes on his beach house, yet spent thousands of dollars remodeling it all the while raising money from eager readers to lecture anyone about fiscal conservatism and spending discipline?

posted by Sully 9/17/2005 03:48:00 PM


We can’t seem to find it on Google, but hasn’t Palast earned Sullivan’s wrath in the past?

posted by Sully 9/17/2005 03:40:00 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Atrios, this critique of Sullivan’s latest sipping of the eugenics Kool-Aid from Brad DeLong.

posted by Sully 9/13/2005 04:57:00 PM

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