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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Via Atrios, a classic Poor Man takedown of Sullivan’s churlish questioning the legitimacy of people who attend antiwar rallies:
No, time has not been kind to this Bear of Very Little Brain, not to his sad crusade against Paul Krugman, nor to his constant whining about how cruelly liberals treat him, not to his suggestion that Bush should lie to the public about his plan to ruin America’s finances, and certainly not to his relentless and relentlessly dishonest war-pimping. In this, he is hardly alone - many millions were in the same boat. However, Sullivan differs from the many millions in his prominance, and in that he is a professional political pundit, someone whose job it is to have something sensible to say about these things, and his serial idiocies over the years have rendered him damaged goods.


This “argument” about catching commie cooties was insipid back before the war, when it was still at least plausible that we weren’t signing up for a total debacle; and, like Sullivan himself, it has not aged well. But if all you’ve got left is this sort of schoolyard trash, well, I suppose you have to make do.


There is a tendency, however, to cut people like Sullivan some slack because, you know, they think torture is bad. I guess the idea is that you can’t be a properly fair-and-balanced liberal unless you can reach some kind of entente with a suitably hard-core wingnut. Mysteriously, you can manage to be open-minded without engaging a Holocaust denier, or a Scientologist, or someone who believes in astrology; but getting the approval of someone, like Sully, who has offered up consistantly disingenuous and demented commentary somehow indicates that your positions have a robustness that the non-Sully approved lack. But this is madness. Sullivan and his like can’t admit that a liberal (or anyone outside their ideological circle) is right without first driving in the shiv, making sure that his agreement does not come without a pound of flesh. It is not worth giving Sullivan’s “brave” denounciations of torture any particular credibility, because the price is giving the same credibility to his absurd attacks on Amnesty — on an organization with, unlike Sully a decades-long record of serious concern for human rights, and no tendency to call people traitors for disagreeing with the President. It is not worth applauding Sully’s willingness to tolerate (even encourage!) certain forms of dissent if the other half of the deal is letting him marginalize 100,000+ people whose principled stand makes him look foolish. It’s not worth it, and it’s a guaranteed thing, because without any credibility of his own, he’s got nothing left. Don’t lend him yours.
Well said. We take some credit for the research help over the years.

Reminds more and more of that old post-Cold War Feiffer cartoon, “I can stand being wrong. What I can’t stand is them being right. ”

Conservatives who haven’t completely drunk the Kool-Aid are starting to sound increasingly like that these days.

posted by Sully 9/27/2005 05:52:00 PM

Monday, September 26, 2005


John Whiteside on Sullivan’s desperate decision to poke fun at the war protesters stuck in Penn Station.
Doesn’t he just remind you of that really clueless high school teacher you had who would respond to jokes with scarily literal seriousness? So instead of reaching the obvious conclusion (bored protesters in train stations make up chants to keep themselves occupied), Andrew sips his tea, chuckles knowingly at their ignorance, and posts to his blog before running down to the Duplex Diner for a double.

Oh, the humanity.

posted by Sully 9/26/2005 10:09:00 PM


“Fake parodies”? What would make a real one different?

QUICK ADDENDUM: Sean Hannity’s job has always been easy, or he wouldn’t be doing it, after all.

posted by Sully 9/26/2005 09:15:00 PM

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